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A recent purchase, Thanks to all involved, you know who you are...:):)
This one is arsenal refurbed, totally mis-matched (except frame and magazine ?!?)
and in original 7.65mm x 21mm Parabellum.

From www.winterwar.com :" When the Winter War started in 1939, there were well over 10 000 Luger pistols in Finland. The M /23 Parabellum service pistol was the most widely used handgun in the Finnish combat units throughout World War II. The total numbers reduced by about half during the wars (1939 - 1944), due to wear and losses."

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quote:Originally posted by Jan C Still

Thanks for your excellent photographs. Please supply details as to the markings, the inside and the back of your holster.
Thank you Jan, The holster is without any markings.

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