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Ron S.,
* Your P.38, byf/42 is S/N'd 7855ns. The locking block bears the last three numerals of your S/N (855) indicating it is a matching numbered locking block for this pistol. On one side of the block, you should find a sE/135 acceptance.
* For this late in 1942, sE/135 was being used by the Army Inspector acceptance team at Mauser. The sE/655 head man left Mauser about the end of 1941.

Big Ron,
* sE/855 just doesn't compute for Mauser's Army Inspectors. Were this to be true, a number of Mauser K98k's, HSC's, and Lugers would have to have been marked similarly. The form of the "6" & "8" are subtlely different with the 8 being composed of 2 circles. The "6" is hooked at the top. When poorly struck or dirt/rust closes the upper portion of the "6" to the lower orb; it can take on the appearance of an "8". However, a "closed 6" will generally have an oval top where the "8" is circular.
* Recommend a good cleaning/soaking in Hoppes followed by a scrub with a stiff toothbrush. This should loosen/remove the dirt/rust/crusted oil closing the upper part of the "6". Then, it still takes a strong magnifier to discern the difference.
* Same thing happens with the sE/63 & sE/83 appearing as receiver acceptance stamps on 1938, S/42, P.08's.
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