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The finest 1906 Portuguese Royal Navy Luger (crown anchor) serial #14X, complete with all its accessories (holster; straps; magazine pouch; two spare magazines marked Cal. 9 m/m, the magazine in the pistol having the Portuguese circle/triangle proof; Navy type cleaning rod containing all its fibrous factory grease in the reservoir; loading tool; and pin pouch) which belonged to Admiral Hypecio de Brion of Portugal around 1908/09. This pistol is also equipped with its original Portuguese Navy Academy manual dated 1910 written in Portuguese which provides detailed foldouts of different aspects of the pistol. According to Portuguese records, only 350 Royal Navy Lugers were delivered to Portugal, and 300 Portuguese Republic Navy Lugers (crown R.P.) around 1910. The extractor is marked 'CARREGADA' for loaded. Proudly owned by Albert Beliard of Imperial Arms.

Beliard - 1906 Portuguese Navy - 3.jpg

Beliard - 1906 Portuguese Navy - 2.jpg

Beliard - Academy Manual.jpg

Beliard - Admiral Brion.jpg
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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