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Well, here is a non-controversial yet novel police holster that perhaps expresses a certain humorous vein of its maker.

Download Attachment: p0l1.jpg
Figure one. Standard 1920s era police holster

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Figure two. On inside surface of top cap is makers name-address-year mark: HCH.MANNSONN / KAISERSLAUTERN / 1917.

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Figure three. On outside surface of mag pouch is another maker-address-year mark:
HERM. FLOHR / COLN / 1915.

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Figure four. Here one can see that this police holster was converted from an LP08 holster. The row of holes in the holster below the mag pouch previously held stitches for the LP08 cleaning rod pouch and stitch holes on back previously retained a tab for the carrying straps.

Download Attachment: pol5.jpg
Figure five. The mag pouch is also a reclaimed product. Its residual stitch holes indicate a previous life as the right side of a LP08 double mag pouch. Joe Wotka found orders dated July 23,1928 that instructed the replacement of the LP08 cleaning rod pouch with a mag pouch (Weimar Lugers p160). In this case, the added mag pouch was from one side of a double mag pouch. In my limited experience, double mag pouches marked with the makers name/address/date are infrequent. Nevertheless, the worker who remade this holster was able to find such a pouch, and one might speculate that he was particularly satisfied as he viewed this completed piece bearing two makers/dates
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John, that's a neat holster. I have found that army mag pouches are almost always maker marked. They are usually marked on the exterior of the flap or exactly as your piece is marked.
John, That is a nice, unique holster. Purty Cool!

That is a great Weimar reworked holster. Never saw one with the added mag holder, having the manufacturer's name & date still on it.
Thanks for sharing with us.
John, I am surprised this does not show up more often that it does. Parts were exchanged with some frequency I would suspect. This is a very fine example of the frugality of this difficult period where labor was cheaper than leather. Jerry Burney
Thanks everyone for your comments.
It would appear that I am denied possession of maker marked LP08 pouches, as reexamination of my batch was not fruitful . However did reacquaint myself with a marking on one pouch that seems aberrant and I would appreaciate clarification.

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Figure 1 shows inside lid of LP08 pouch(no maker marks)that is stamped FdAR75. Is this Field Artillery Regiment 75? . BAIV also present.
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John, I think your interpretation of the mark is correct. The BAIV is a corps or army supply designation. How about some pics of the pouch? Is you email still [email protected].--- ? I need to update on what you are doing, haven't heard from you since Oct 2000.
Your correct as to the meaning of this unit mark.
Yes Geo, that email address should still work.
Here are some pictures of that pouch.Shows little use, commensurate with the legible regimental markings inside the top.
Thanks for your comments,Geo and Joe

Download Attachment: front.jpg

Download Attachment: back.jpg
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John, it's sure as hell a keeper. Just about as nice as one finds.
Holsters and mag pouches were not weapons and not subjest to the same markings instructions. On page 23 of German Small Arms Markings there is a similar marking (holster) except that is 3.Fs.A.R. (3. Foot Artillery Regiment.).

Your ID of FdAR75 as: Field Artillery Regiment 75 is correct.
Jan, Nice to see you back. I trust your vacation was not too arduous. Feeling better? Jerry Burney
Thanks Jan, and welcome back!
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