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Hello people
Here is a pair of interesting guns:they are a 1917 DWM LP08 both front and rear fine tuning sights,s.n.8652a with matching mag and stock,with a brown 1916 H.Muller & C+something Offenbach a.M. holster and a 1917 DWM LP08 only rear fine tuning sight s.n.2668g with an"almost matching"stock 2665g and an unnumbered mag with a little gothic letter-crown with two little lines below on the wooden bottom(probably one of the spare mags of the original rig).Attached to the stock there is a 1917 F.Grosse Dresden-N. dyed black holster.
But the very interesting matter is that both bear Sudicatis night sights:the 8652a bears a removable "standard" one (rare)and the 2668g bears the very rare fixed version front night sight.The rear one is the same pattern as the other one.Also inusual is the unit marking 1.B.3.on the front grip strap(could someone explain me the meaning?).I add some pics.

Download Attachment: IM001711.JPG

Download Attachment: IM001719.JPG

Download Attachment: IM001743.JPG

Download Attachment: IM001722.JPG

Download Attachment: IM001725.JPG

Download Attachment: IM001716.JPG

Download Attachment: IM001731.JPG

Download Attachment: IM001734.JPG

Download Attachment: IM001735.JPG

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Paolo, Great stuff! Merry Christmas, Geo

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Paolo beautiful artilleries. As you know I guess that the Sudicatis is one of most interesting tools for the Artillery. In the pictures attached another type of Sudicatis rear sight. This Sudicatis is marked with the string "Sudi" plus a three digits serial number. One of most important feature related to the Sudi sights is that it is very difficult to see two sights identical. Right now I have seen a few Sudicatis and all show little differences. My opinion on this topic is that the Sudi sights didn't reach definitive industrial design.

Rear sight
Download Attachment: rear2.jpg

Download Attachment: rear3.jpg

Download Attachment: rear4.jpg

LP08 with Sudi presented in the Walter Luger Book:

Download Attachment: Walter.jpg

Front sudi sights with different shape:

Download Attachment: front.jpg

I wish to you merry Christmas and happy 2004


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regarding the Sudicatis night sight I recently found an interesting article of Mauro Baudino in the "Luger of the month" section of the lugerforum:


There, Mauro is discussing also the Sudicatis nocturnal sight(s). Mauro makes also reference to German Patent # 306347 applied Feb. 12, 1917 by Ludwig Sudicatis GmbH & Co., Berlin. Said patent goes back to a basic patent filed in Hungary on Feb. 14, 1916. Until tomorrow, it was the only patent Sudicatis patent I was aware off . The patent shows only the rear sight having inserts glowing in the dark:

Download Attachment: AT3.jpg

Surprisingly, I discovered this very morning four Austrian patents, all filed by a person Desiderius Máry (Máry being the last name) from Budapest, Hungary. These four patents all are dealing different types of nocturnal sight having inserts of a luminous material. Thes best: Austrian patent # 79147 claims the very same Hungarian priority of Feb. 14, 1916 and has the very same drawing like Sudicatis' patent DE 306347. So, it is more than just probable, that Desiderius Máry was the inventor of the scarce Sudicatis sight. Sudicatis will have bought the patent rights from Máry to start production of the sights. In the drawings the invention(s) is (are) shown in connection with a long gun – but the basic ideas are the same as can be found at the Ari Luger Sudicatis' sight.

The new discovered patents are:

1/ AT 79074 application of Nov. 12, 1915 , published on Nov. 10, 1919:

Download Attachment: AT1.jpg

2/ AT 79075 application of Nov. 12, 1915 , published on Nov. 10, 1919:
Download Attachment: AT2.jpg

3/ AT 79147, application of Feb. 09, 1917 (sames as German patent # 306347)

4/ AT 79146 application ofFeb. 03, 1917 published on Nov. 25, 1919:
Download Attachment: AT4.jpg

The bad news regarding my today's find: my Luger Patent compilation is outdated. I will incorporate the new matter in the compilation and will send it again to those fellow collectors who received it yesterday. Sorry for this inconvenience!


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