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I ran into a couple of lugers that have me wondering. They are, I believe Weimar production and this period always baffles me. No doubt these two pistols are quite common.

#1 - 9mm/4" barrel. Serial # 9867h/military style numbering. DWM marked toggle/blank chamber. Lazy (horizontal) c/n proof on left receiver.

2# - 7.65mm/4" barrel. Serial # 9719c/military style numbering. Small lazy c/n on left frame, receiver, and breech block to left of extractor.

Please tell me about them and how much are they worth?

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Weimar Era reworks and production Lugers sometimes confuse me. Most conform, but these two do not. The serial numbers, 9867h and 9719c, preclude them from being the standard production Weimar Era serial range 75000-92000 (100000?); ns, a-b; i-u suffix serial range. (See page 15, Weimar Lugers)

I would guess that they are both reworks of Imperial Lugers (ground off date and proofs) or some odd-ball Weimar Era production that does not conform to the standard production sequence. I am inclined to believe that the latter is the most probable.
Photographs would help
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