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I thought it might make sense to consolidate a post that I had submitted some time ago,.. "SOME ARTILLERY STUFF", together with this post,.. as it is all related to the same gun. The material from that previous post appears below.

When I purchased this gun on December 29th 2004, I knew very little about Artillery Lugers. I have several people to thank that were an important part of that decision making process.
Jerry Burney , whom I first approached with my naive questions, George Anderson, refered by Jerry, who started to clarify the picture of what I had, and Jan Still who presented this rig on December 30 2004 on this site, as well as on" 1900-1918: Luger Unit Markings" site", December 30th 2004.
When Jan asked me , why don't you post your pictures, I told him I didn't have the faintest idea of how to do it, as I had never posted anything on any site before. Ed Tinker was very helpful in demystifing the process.
All I can say is ,.. if there are those of you that are hesitating moving forward with posting stuff.... do it... it is not so complicated.... I, among many , am living proof that this is not brain surgery!

This photo shows the rig close to the end of the story:

Download Attachment: Copy of Pistol & all Accessories.JPG
140.85 KB


(1) 1917 DWM, LP08 Pistol ,Sn. 6237m , unit marked "122.R.4.6" (122nd Fusiliers Regiment, 4th Kompagnie(Company), 6th weapon, -an infantry regiment from Wurttemberg (see Jan Still's History of the 122nd Fusilier Regiment. Dec.30th 2004," 1900-1918 Unit Luger Markings".)

(2) Type 1 "Snail Drum Magazine" manufactured by "AEG"; Sn. 35718.
(3) Cleaning rod;
(4)Take down tool- with Imperial acceptance stamp ;
(5) Stock- with stock iron Sn. 5411h..not the same Sn. as the gun, however, showing the same unit marking "122.R.4.6." , with the Crown/S Imperial acceptance stamp on the stock;
(6) Holster- well worn- dated 1915- manufacturer's mark unclear;
(7) Magazine Loader -manufacturer marked (Bing) - B/N , Crown/S Imperial acceptance stamp;
(8) Dust cover for the "Snail Drum Magazine";
(9) Two Magazines- one numbered with the gun, "6237m", the other,possibly, an Erfurt Armorer's replacement magazine.

THE PUZZLING EARLY PART OF THE STORY,... the significance, and possible explanation, for the same "Unit Markings" on the pistol and on the stock iron, even though their respective serial numbers were different,..as well as the presence of a "Unit Marking" on the stock iron altogether.

Download Attachment: Copy of grip unit marking2.JPG
99.3 KB

Download Attachment: Copy of Best unit marking on stock iron plywood.jpg
283.86 KB

Download Attachment: Copy of Best sn on stock iron plywood.jpg
248.97 KB

THE WELL WORN ORIGINAL HOLSTER; (with "supposedly", a bullet hole that penetrated the body of the holster, which noticeably grazed the stock??.
The hole has been crudely repaired as may be seen in two of the photos below.)

Download Attachment: Copy of Best original holster plywood.jpg
263.56 KB

The rear view of the stock showing a faint Imperial Crown/S stamp.

Download Attachment: Copy of Best rear of stock plywood.jpg
282.01 KB

The Pistol.

Download Attachment: Copy of Pistol Left Side.JPG
269.17 KB

Download Attachment: Copy of Right Side Markings Best.JPG
286.95 KB

Download Attachment: Copy of Best top view plywood.jpg
288.68 KB

Download Attachment: Copy of Barrel Serial Number Best.jpg
267.47 KB

A Matching Magazine; (found twenty five years after it had been misplaced by a previous owner.)

After I bought the rig, I tracked down a previous owner, only to find out that he had found the matching magazine years after he sold the gun to the fellow I bought it from. His father had hidden it so his kids wouldn't be in harm's way...how many times might that explain a missing magazine???

Download Attachment: Copy of Best mag marking plywood.jpg
177.26 KB

This was the magazine that originally came with the gun. An unnumbered magazine with double Erfurt proofs, Jan thought it was probably an armorer's replacement magazine.

Download Attachment: Copy of Picture 001.jpg

1916 dated , manufactured by "Danziger Leder Industrie" (stamped marking), with "B.A.XV11" (ink marking) , possibly for "Clothing Dept. of the XV11 Armee Corps, Danzig," all markings are on the inside flap. (the markings are not clear enough to be absolutely sure,.. however ,... I think that is what is there?).

Download Attachment: BAX V.jpg

83.79 KB

Download Attachment: Front.jpg
32.03 KB

Rear view of the holster.

Download Attachment: Copy of Rear on plywood.JPG
255.12 KB

Download Attachment: Copy of Best Holster ,Gun,Mag,tool on plywood.JPG
244.24 KB


The "Snail Drum" and magazine loader shown below were purchased sometime after I purchased the Artillery Rig. At that time, George Anderson ,(keoki), was of invaluable assistance in guiding me through my state of confusion, and was very helpful in trying to educate me on what this stuff might be worth in the U.S. --- but I live in Canada....it is not very easy to find these pieces here,.. so I paid the price...and now,.. that chapter is only a distant memory.

My grandfather had a saying, which I guess I have never forgotten,....

"The joy ("pleasure",.. is probably a better word) of ownership will endure(survive) long after the price has been forgotten." ..(within reason,... hopefully!!!)

Thanks again for your patience and help ,George.

Download Attachment: Copy of DSCN4531.JPG
282.07 KB

"AEG" Type 1 (TM08) "Snail Drum" magazine, showing the markings.

Download Attachment: Copy of DSCN4508.JPG
254.36 KB

Markings on the rear of the "Snail Drum" magazine.

Download Attachment: Copy of DSCN4511.JPG
270.18 KB

Dust cover with part of the "Snail Drum" magazine showing an Imperial acceptance marking.

Download Attachment: Copy of DSCN4515.JPG
269.64 KB

The "B/N" (Bing) manufactured magazine loader.

Download Attachment: Copy of DSCN4519.JPG
281.57 KB

"B/N" manufacturer's marking on the magazine loader with Imperial "Crown/S"

Download Attachment: Copy of DSCN4523.JPG
284.29 KB

Imperial stamped take down tool.

Download Attachment: Copy of DSCN4524.JPG
264.59 KB

Thanks for looking,...this is pretty well the end of the story.... so far???

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Outstanding David, a fine job and nice 1917!

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