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There is actually nothing special at the weapon which I present here.
But its condition makes it scarce.
Because this rig has survived the times in an almost brand-new condition.
How can a weapon come through such a long time period in this condition?
The seller told me that his grandfather has received this rig so as it is.
He was equipped end Oktober1918 and put into march to the west front to France.
During the transportation the war was still ended and the young soldier took the weapon as a war souvenier with home. Since his father conducted a bank the rig was locked into a bank safe and survived the time to after the second World War there .
The original color of the leather has therefore also remained unchanged so well.
It is interesting, that the stock has no matching number to the pistol. The key and the cleaning rod are unmarked. The double mag pouch is also unmarked and without any traces of spare mags!
The meaning of the paper patch with the crown is unknown to me.

Please note the bicolor leather and the wonderfull leather color.

I hope that you like it.


Download Attachment: 22.08 031.jpg

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Download Attachment: 22.08 014.jpg
228.36KB it.

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Please allow me to echo Jan's comments; an outstanding presentation of a beautiful LP08 rig!

A question if I may,- do you know if it was standard practice to issue LP08's with un-numbered stocks in the late stages of World War I?

Once again, a beautiful rig!


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WOW! I don't know which I like better: the pistol or the holster rig.
There ought to be an eleventh Commandment added:
- - - "Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Artillery Rig" - - -

Absolutely bea-u-ti-ful!!!

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Fritz, the pistol is very nice but the leather is just fantastic. Is the magazine pouch marked? The closure strap on the pouch appears unique, I have never seen one with that form.

Is there a lining in the toe boot of the stock rig? Would you post photos of the interior on the boot? Thanks.

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Fritz, A truly special time capsule. At first the leather looked too good but on close inspection the German craftsmanship jumps out and becomes stunningly apparent.
The stock attachment strap and the boot are very interesting. Not only a different color than the holster but a different time period. You will notice they are stitched, unlike the 1917 pieces which used either brass or steel rivets and washers.
Like George I would love to see a photo of the inside of the boot and also the bottom of the boot.

Fritz, Thanks for showing it and congratulations on your wonderful find!

If you care to send the photo's rather than posting them here is my Email address.

Thanks! Jerry Burney

[email protected]

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Thank you very much for your request.
Sorry, I'm very envolved to the time by my profession. Pics will follow later on.
Yes you are right, It's really an outstanding rig, but I have payed for it.

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