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Activity stream

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As most members have noticed, there is a new thing that shows, upper left called Activity Stream !!!! This came w a new update, I hate it too...

The "fix" is to know you can click on Forum right next to it and it shows the entire forum. This update, i am sure is to mimic Facebook timeline, which I also hate, although I am not a Facebook hater like many....

I was looking at how to disable it and while in the Admin area, made a few changes, if anything acts weird, tell me here and I will change the setting. I made four or five changes, but most were such as, allowing 8 instead of 6 thumbnails, if that makes an isssue tell me.

Also did a few more, but don't remember which ones, I am always very careful what I change.

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After the new changes, the book mark I had for this site redirected me to activity streaming. Not being very smart about computers, I clicked the forum button. When it came up I just rebook marked it and deleted the old book mark. Everything works just as it did before the changes now.
While I've got you, I thought I'd ask about my contribution to the site to make sure you got it and to ask about the "GOLD MEMBER" status.
Dang..... Lost my message

Excellent on bookmark advice, the contributions need to tell Vic the forums, and your user name.

those that have sent, Shoot me a email or pm so I can add it to title
Thanks, Ed. I thought my browser was messed up!
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