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A Luger owner is offering the following Luger and holster for $1000.00. He has offered to show the gun to me, but I have not seen it as yet. It may be a 1938, at least 6 numbers match on the firearm. Any advice would be helpful.

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I could buy a Luger from BYT, 1941, four numbers on the frame, with wooden handgrips. 90% in blue, other condition good, not extremely good. I payed 500 dollars for it, complete with black leather holster.
Is this a reasonable price?

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Brian, seems a bit high from the condition it looks in the picture. Condition is everything, second only to ALL matching. Before dropping 1k, it is best to know exactly what you are getting and if all correct. You can check prices retail by going to places on-line such as Simpsons' LTD. You must match the exact gun with what you are looking for, keeping in mind that condition is very important. An 80% gun in blue is worth much less than a 96% gun.

Aldo, in the USA a Luger is worth usually $450-$500 as a "shooter", so your price is probably reasonable, but condition and WHERE you live determines much in value.

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