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after market magazines

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I am new to Lugers, just got a DWM commercial Mod. 1920 non-matching #'s for shooting.
I shot it last weekend for the first time, it shot great, no problems at all.
Thing is I only received one aluminum mag with it.
Does anyone know where to get some quality aftermarket magazines for it.
I seen some in the Sportsmans Guide but they do not give the manufacture but says they are USA made.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Greg Mitchell
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Check out the MecGar magazines. Good price/quality.
Will 9mm and 30 cal magazines interchange freely? I would like an extra mag for a 20s Commercial Luger in 30cal and am looking for suggestions on where to get good mags as well.
Yes, 30 cal and 9mm use the same magazines.
tachyon -

I agree with Vlim; the MecGar magazines function well and are of excellent quality. They can be had for $20 - $30 at most gun shows. I use them with my commercial 1920 DWM 7.65mm shooter as well as my 9mm shooters.

If you are concerned with the proper appearance of your 1920 shooter, you can replace the standard MecGar black plastic bottoms with repro wood bottoms as I have done with several of mine. Not sure, but I think Tom Heller (Hellerarms) carries a stock of these wood bottoms made by one of our members, G.T., and they are of really excellent quality and appearance.

I paid $15 or $20 for one a year or so ago from Cheaper Than Dirt in Texas. It's a MecGar and works fine.
If you buy the MecGar and purchase a GT specialties wooden bottom and a GT magazine spring from Tom Heller, you will have an excellent magazine for a shooter. This is what I have in my 1915 Weimar police rework for range use.
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