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AL.3.16 on 1916 DWM Luger?

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Who knows that unit marking on my 1916 DWM?


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I tried to find a similar unit marking in the official listings, but could not. In Jeff Noll's book, I found A.L. (note the "." between the A and L)which signifies: Landwehr Company of a Field Artillery Regiment. There are experts on this Forum that know more than I and might be able to help further.

There are Landwehr Field Artillery regiments listed. The third was part of the 3rd Landwehr Division.
Jan, thanks a lot, that unit mark seems to be a hard case, and I be happy to have an answer at that point!

* Been mulling this over while exploring J.Walter, Gortz/Byran, etc. references.
* Here's a long shot!! Has your 1916 ever had a sear safety added??
* If so, the grip marking may be a non-standard application of the Schutspolizei marking of the 3rd Centuria of the Allenstein municipal police-Gun #16. The 1922 Prussian Police Directive meant this to be "S.Al.3.16". Walters, in his Luger Book allows "AL" also being tied to Allenstein.
* Just a thought FWIW.
that DWM never had a sear safety, although I belive it was a Police unit, but probably WWI. It unfortunatedly has English proof marks.

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LU 1900, great find!
You are comming from France, do you can find out more about the "French Gendarme Broomhandle"?
I really don´t have a clue about that strange variation, if it is only called French Gendarme or if it was really carried by the French Police?

quote:Originally posted by pisto

Who knows that unit marking on my 1916 DWM?


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Roland and RockinWR,

it is my opinion that "AL.3.16" is one of many WWI war time formations. I could think about several units and therefore can only offer my thoughts. It might be a Landwehr Bataillon named after its district. e.g. Landwehrbezirk Aachen, Allenstein, Altenburg, Altona,
Andernach, Anklam, Arolson, Aschersleben or Aurich.
"A" Ldw.-Btl.3.company weapon #16.
I hate to speculate but this is all I can come up with.

Roland, found!
Klaus P. S. is one of a few experts for unit marks! The stamp is not according to the stamping order. I thing you got the correct answer.
There are no point between A and L. So I thing they belonged together.
The unit mark has nothing to do with Police unit marks and Allenstein. The stamp would have the small letter l.
Regards Klaus
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