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All new to me

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Bear with me gang as I am new at this, but here it goes. I recently acquired an S/42 in beautiful condition. It is date stamped 1939 with a ser# of 5140. All of the numbers match, it came with 2 mags (however one has the ser #7627). The tool is also with the gun. It has the holster with 'S6872' inscribed on the backside along with an upside-down pentagon with the letters 'WCSI' inscribed in the upper portion. Additionally, the appears to be a crest of sorts with a symbol in the middle which resembles the American Cancer Society's cross-like emblem. On the lower receiver there appears to be a capital cursive 'N' under the barrel. Can anyone enlighten me about this fine piece? I was able to determine that it was a Mauser by doing a little research but now I'm stuck. Any asistance would be greatly appreciated
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Daveo.....Welcome to the Forum. Your Luger is one of about 38,500 (Jan Still... Third Reich Lugers) that were made in 1939 and stamped with the S/42 code. There were another 85,500 made in 1939 that had the 42 code. The approximate serial number range on the S/42 were 4000n to 6000r. The N on the barrel under the serial number would indicate it was early in the production run. They made them in blocks of 10,000 guns.

It would sure help if you could post some pictures....... I'm sure some other people would be able to help you out with your holster.
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