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Well I am not quite new to the forum as I did ask Jan about some unit marked guns a year or so ago.

I have been watching over the last couple of weeks and now I have something to show.

SN 1375 V Mauser Oberndorf (MO), at least I think that's what it is? All of the number match and are in the commercial style placement. No numbers on the safety lever.

Walnut grips in good condition but no stamps of any kind on the inside.

From the pictures you can see that there is an area of fine pitting on the side plate. If you look closely you can see what looks to be fabric weave in the pattern of the corrosion.

The breach block has a chip out of each side next to the extractor. I have seen this before but I don't have any idea what would cause this type of failure. Any ideas?

The toggle is polished to a smoother finish than the rest of the gun, as Kenyon notes in Luger at Random (pg 250). The bore is in excellent condition.

The gun came in an A FISCHER BERLIN C2 1941 Police Hoslster. The holster is in very good condition but is very dirty and is very dry, it needs some type of treatment. I usually use "Blackrock Leather 'N' Rich" but am open to suggestions for something better. An original unmarked tool also came with the gun. The clip is an eagle/63 #3862 i, no other markings.

What do you think? Kenyon states the highest serial number reported was 1220V so this is beyond that by 155 numbers? Does this mean that more of the MO's were made than thought or do I have a clever fake?

Assuming it's real, any thoughts on value with the obvious defects?

Thanks, Bob Maddix

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Being just 155 numbers off is a small percentage, and usually the numbers are an educated guess anyway by the authors.

From everything I have heard, putting anything on a leather holster is a last resort, far better to put nothing on it. If it needs it bad, a product called Hide Food is about the best to put on it. Most things you put on a holster is designed to "break" down the leather fibers, and thus is bad for a holster.


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A proper Mauser Cberndorf should have a large C/U on the left receiver, breech block and barrel, commercial style serial number placement, DWM toggle, blank chamber, and high polish blue on the toggle assembly and be in the V suffix serial range. Based on your description and the photographs your Luger seems to meet the criteria. However the serial number is a little higher than those previously reported. ( see page 138 and 228 Third Reich Lugers and page 205-206 Axis Pistols)

Your Luger is the commercial verson because it does not bear a police sear safety. The holster that is with your Luger is a German Police 1941 issue. A commercial holster would be proper for your Luger.
Note: the breaks in the extracter area of the breech block can be corrected by replacing the breech block or by a complicated annealing, welding and machining process.

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Thanks for the comments. The breach block does have the crown over U proof so I would not want to replace it. Would reworking it distroy the value or add to it? I don't know if I would ever shoot this gun, it's doubtful. But as a collector piece, I am not sure if I should try to repair the damaged breach block and/or the damage to the side plate? The rest of the gun is in reasonable shape. I will set up the camera and take some other pictures if there is anything else you want to see. There is a distinct difference in the polish and finish on the toggle compaired to the rest of the gun. I thought it would show up better in the pictures than it did.

I am working through the gun shop that had this on consignment to try and get some history on how it was brought back to the US. I hope to get a writen statment from the owner, but I doubt it will have any real providence behind it.

Any thoughts on value as the gun is now? I know it's a rare variation but don't know if it has any collector value the way it is. Any value to a 1941 Police holster? I don't know much about Luger accessories, but am trying to learn.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge
Bob Maddix
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