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This is a 1920 marked police I bought from a friend of mine.

Here is the basic information;

Luger is a 1920 DWM Commerical, with a serial # of 6276 m, small parts stamped (76) in the commerical style, with Crown/N on the left side of the frame as well as on the left side of the breech block.
It is in 9mm, which is normal for police guns.

The bottom of the barrel is stamped with Crown/N, and full serial number.

The unit markings on the front grip strap are :


I have been surprised at how many L.P.Th guns I have heard of this last month!

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Bottom of wooden magazine is stamped "L.P.Th.", with full serial number (6276, with no "m"), and a "+"; which I believe means it was a back-up magazine.

The luger has both the police style sear safety and the magazine safety.

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This picture shows another m suffix pistol that belongs to a friend, his is about 150 different from mine, does not have a magazine safety, nor did it ever, it is police marked with a different district.
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Nice photo's of your luger, the Weimar unit marked luger is becoming a period of interest. This I expect is due that the imperial unit marked luger is becoming hard to find.

Unit marks, be it either imperial or weimar are a traceable part of the lugers history and piques many an interest.Thankyou for the photo's.
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