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I picked up this 1895 Krnka Roth last February in a small gun shop in western Iowa. These never made it into production and apparently all made were test pieces. It’s a long recoil operated design and is both double & single action.

Ezell’s Handguns of the World shows 2 of these, S/N 59 & 61. Both have different features and both are different from mine. According to Ezell the Swiss tested the Krnka Roth (S/N 59) in 1898. Walter, in The Luger Story, mentions that the Netherlands tested S/N 67 in 1900. Mine is S/N 70 so should have been made in the 1900 time frame. Ezell also mentions that the British tested S/N 119, 120 & 121 in 1902. 119 was the long recoil version in 11.5mm while 120, also 11.5mm, had a rotating barrel system. This pistol is on the www.adamsguns.com web site under Collector Gallery. If you check it you will see the obvious ancestry of the M1907 Roth. The S/N 121 is listed as an 8mm with rotating barrel system which I assume would be the direct ancestor of the M1907 Roth.

The caliber of this one is apparently 8X21.5. The 8X19 (M1907 Roth) falls into the chamber flush with the rear of the barrel & moves from side to side. I have several case type lists and only one lists the 8X21.5 Roth experimental.

Rudolf Frommer also worked on the Krnka design while it was being developed. What his contribution to the design was is unknown. His early pistols (M1901) show the Krnka influence. The Krnka long recoil system lived on to be used in the M1912 Frommer Stop in a slightly modified form. In the Krnka if you pull straight back on the cocking knob the barrel assembly comes with it. Turn the knob to the right & the bolt unlocks & can then be pulled to the rear by it’s self. The bolt rotation is preformed automatically in the Frommer Stop when the bolt is pulled to the rear.

I included a M1907 Roth in the first picture for a size comparison. As you can see, the Krnka is a large pistol.


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