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Another 1914 Romanian Contract Steyr-Hahn

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Finally located one of these. Not in the best of condition,
but certainly acceptable. Judging by the Wn-14 this never was
delivered and was redirected to the Austrian Army. Oh yes, SN 943e.

Download Attachment: steyr 008.jpg

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Here's another one, I've posted this before, but I think that it should accompany yours. Seems to me that it's good to show a few examples of nice pistols in the same posting--might be helpful, or at least interesting to other collectors. These are rare birds.
I've happily bought pistols with blemishes, that, normally I wouldn't buy if the pistol were of a more common variation, but, the rare pistols are very hard to pass up. You can look for years before you find another one. I would not have passed on your pistol. I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat.

I sure would like to find a shoulder stock. Will probably have to sell the house.

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Years ago I believe that Randy Bessler might have had one
of the stocks, perhaps he might have a line on one. Do you
know of him?
Sorry, don't know the gentleman, but sure would like to find out if he has some means of helping me get a stock. Would appreciate any help re. getting in contact with him.
PS. Am another NRA Life Member
Bessler's site is www.collectorfirearms.us Good luck.
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