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Another 38H question. Holster question added 10/9.

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What have I got? I bought this today. The dealer really did'nt know much about them. He had it labeled as a 4th variation Sauer 38H, because he was told that was what it was. Can someone enlighten me on this? I know it's a late issue 38H. And that's about all I know. Spare mag was gone. Holster is well made, but unmarked.Ser#465759. It's fairly minty. Hairline crack on right grip from screw hole. And very slight bit of freckling in a couple of places. E/N proofed on slide below rear sight, below ser#, and on barrel. All on right side.

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Thanks! Ron
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thanks for restoring the vanished photos, especially for the photo of the left side. A nice minty "commercial" !



P.S.: Sorry for confusing you in my last email with the "confession" sentance. Well, must be my personal "blonde's day" today. it was, of course, Ron Wood, who "confessed" in an other post:

quote:No, I am not the "famous Guitar player". A real loss for the Rolling Stones as I am much better looking and more talented...a virtual legend in my own mind.
The sort of humor I just LOVE !
quote:For some reason, German pocket autos don't sell well around here.
Seems, I have to travel to Oregon....

"Sneaky Germans", hu.. ? Well, Ron, I hoped to be able to let the cat out of the bag yesterday, but German mail is awful slow (but expensive) sometimes.... Hopefully, tomorrow or on Tuesday I can show my new toy. Then you will know.


while your first holster looks quiet OK for me as being a Sauer 38-H holster, the newest one is not. I don't know, what holster it is (ask huggiebear, he's the holster pro).

A Sauer 38H holster can easily be recognized. At least, when a Sauer 38-H was carried with. There is ALWAYS a pit ("zit") on the magazine pouch. I just made photos of two Sauer holsters to show what I mean (the left one is an AKAH ex-SA holster, the other one a Genschow 1940 dated holster for a Sauer H).

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