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Hi guys.
I rescued this Dreyse from from a man who inherited a few pistols from his father-in-law, & they were going to just rust out in his garage in the 100% humidity down here. All original. Doesnt look shot mutch if at all, so Im sure theres not much history behind it.
I took detailed pics to help show markings. Several markings I would like to say are a "crown" above an "N". Break open the frame & under the serial but above the feed ramp is a "circle" with a "cross" I think, as it might be a lightly stamped crown. There is also a "J" stamped in the cutout or recess above the trigger houseing, but in the frame when the action is broken open. Only other is the markings on ejector side, "14P14 'something' 22". I cant make out what the 'something'-stamping is between the 14 & 22. Havent torn it apart yet for cleaning & inspecting, but wanted to know 'bout marking first, & any other info yall want to give, as this is my first rodeo on one of these thangs.
Thanx for the help!

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I may be mistaken , but couldn't these markings be attributed to the Czech proofhouse stamps as RCS in the year of 1922.

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January 10th 1922 bought Czech Army 4797 pistols Dreyse 1907. Yours is one of them. November 6th 1923 all the Dreyse pistols were withdrawen and delivered to Army Depot. Some were sold to public with army acceptance. December 1933 were remaining pistols send to TECHNA company for acceptance removing. Acceptance marks were made unreadable with circular die as shown on your pictures. Congratulation!

14P means 14th Infantry Regiment. Located in Kosice (now Slovakia), commanding officerLt.-Col. Otokar HORSELT.
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