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Another "Luger of the White Death"

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I borrowed the title in the subject line form Lloyd(hope you don't mind). I am not too knowledgeable about Lugers as I am a Finn only collector, with the Lugers in my collection of course being M23's and Finnish P-08's. I will be posting pictures of three or four Lugers that the Finns had upgraded to the M23 configuration. I hope the pictures will raise some questions and receive some answers so that we can all learn more about this breed of Luger.

The pictures listed in this post are of what I believe is a 1938 dated Mauser Werke with a Erfurt toggle( Luger experts please jump in and correct any inaccurate information). Serial # on the frame is from the "M" series. Four inch 7.65 Tikka barrel and is CIA import marked. Unlike most other Finn Lugers in my collection this one has a traditional Luger front sight.

I will wait to see if I can get some better lighting set up before I post pictures of the others.

Download Attachment: 1771.jpg

Download Attachment: 1771a.jpg

Download Attachment: 1771c.jpg

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Tuco, dang email nothing came through here yet. If you don't hear back from me give me a call.

Good job! I like the sound of that "Lugers of the White Death"--I borrowed that from Doug Bowser's Book entitled "Rifles of the White Death". I am sure some of those Finn ski troopers had Lugers on their hips as they engaged the Russians in their lightning quick strikes during the Winter War.

I do believe I see that Tikkakoski mark on the Erfurt toggle Luger in the first picture. Hey, you are getting the hang of this digital photographing. Keep experimenting and get the rest of those pictures of those Finn Lugers posted here. Thanks and I look forward to seeing the rest of those images.
Alsky, as pointed out elsewhere by Tuco, the Finns used the Luger for over 60 years and from all I've read they rebuilt most of them at least once and possibly several times. Your Finn is likely a pretty typical example of one that has seen a couple of rebuilds. The barrel has obviously been replaced and the toggle being Erfurt is a replacement part. The receiver is Mauser-made and much newer than the 1923-era pistols purchased from DWM by the Finns. The frame serial number in the "m" block which is correct for the 1923 pistols. (The one I owned was in the "L" block.) The magazine also appears to be from the correct time period for the 1923 pistols, although I can't make out the suffix lettter.

You have a nice example of a Finn Luger and one that a collector should be happy to own even with the mismatched parts. FEW Finn Lugers will be found with all or even most of the parts matching and IMO they are one area of collecting that mismatching shouldn't detract too much from value. If and when the East German VOPO Lugers attain collector status, they will also be excused for having a mismatched part or two. In my opinion, of course.
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Tuco, still no email came in here. [email protected]
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