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another MAUSER M1896/12 Finnland

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According to Jans topic : http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=525

I thought to introduce the broom in my collection too.

Serial Number is 21084, it is the "old style safety" and the number below the rear sight is: 161.
Another thing I noticed is, that the serial number on the chamber is not grinded to a smooth surface, like in every other broom I have seen!
I have no "SA" stamps over all!

Download Attachment: gesamt1.jpg
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Download Attachment: lederstempel.jpg
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Download Attachment: kotract nummer.jpg
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Download Attachment: seriennummgr.jpg
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Download Attachment: schaft mit pistole hinten nummer1.jpg
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Download Attachment: pistole und schaft ohne leder+.jpg
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Great gun, almost as new!

"Finnish contract" Mausers I have seen have similar not-grinded surface too, with a halo. The font seems also bigger compared to normal wartime commercials.

At least it seems the contract numbers are not in sequence with serial numbering.
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