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Before "the crash" I posted information about a 1917-dated DWM P-08, serial number 1116c, that was unit marked "925.1.25" in non-standard size on the backstrap. It came with a 1917-dated holster marked with the serial number of the gun. A bayonet collector in Australia believed that the 925th was light mine throwing unit and sent me some supporting information. The posting did not generate much discussion and the unit mark theory was greeted with polite skepticism (no offense taken) by Forum members. I have recently purchased a book by Hermann Cronn: "Imperial German Army 1914-1918." While flipping through it looking for photographs (there were none) my eye caught "925." On pages 191-192 there is the following: "As well as the guns, the machine gun found a use, at first temporarily, in anti-aircraft defense. It could not, of course, be viewed as a replacement for guns, but was intended to be effective against low-flying aircraft. To this end, from August 1917, Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun Detachments Nos. 1-103 were formed to protect the industrial plants in the western area of Germany. In addition Anti-Aircraft MG Sections Nos. 801, 803, 901-921 and 925 were set up, called, on account of their long name, "Flamga'. In contrast to the detachments, they remained autonomous, and took over protection of the quarters, munitions depots and centers of communication directly behind the main fronts in the West. Each section consisted of three MG companies each of 12 guns." Mr. Cron quotes War Ministry of 28.8.1917, No 599.8.17.A.4. and 1.8.1917, No 1343.7.A.2.g. I have no idea how well Mr. Cron and his book are regarded. But the unit mark and the dates on the gun and holster play well together. Also, the "autonomous" nature of the units might have been a factor in their non-regulation approach to marking guns.

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