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I just received confirmation from the Canadian Firearms Registry that both revolvers have been declared "Antique" and no license is required to own them, and that they have been de-registered.
See Photo!

I want to thank the two gentlemen mainly resposible for this happy state of affairs:

M1879 - Many thanks to Jan Still for this forum, which was instrumental in giving me the incentive to go after the status for both revolvers. In addition, his offer to provide supporting documentation for the M1879, was greatly appreciated, but it appears not necessary. I was advised that the M1879 had already achieved Antique status, but the policy is that this is only revealed the next time the firearm is sold or upon request of the current owner, as in my case. The CFR does not send out notice of any changes in advance.

M1883 - My thanks to Heinrich Harder and his new book, which confirmed that this revolver was shipped to Prussia in 1884/1885 as part of a 10,000 unit order. I quoted this to the CFR in my letter, along with the low serial number, which I assume helped me achieve my objective.

Please note that the letter is dated Jan. 19th., which is the same day I faxed my request to the CFR. I also had a very pleasant conversation with Mr. Lemelin that day and he assured me that he would respond as quickly as possible. He certainly kept to his word! It appears that this office operates very efficiently and is user friendly!

Now all I need to do is find some more Reichsrevolvers!

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