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Dear collectioners!

I am a newcomer both to this forum and to the German militaria collectioning. Someday I will bore you all to death with my stupid questions. You are my shortcut to the truth. In my turn, I will be happy to help you with anything connected to former Soviet Union (I speak Russian and Ukrainian).

Finally the question:)

The best "Reference Book on the World's Firearms" published in the Soviet Union (Editor-in-Chief - A.B.Zhuk) gives the picture of the P08 Kriegsmarine shoulder stock. According to the picture, the stock is much like the one of Broomhandle C96. It may have a slightly different contour but the overall shape is just the same. Of course attaching irons are different.

I've surfed an internet inside out but was not lucky to find one. I mean the wooden stock for Navy Luger. The stock which one can put the gun into - made of wood and resembling the one for C96.

The most intresting thing - I think I saw it live about 12 months ago. It was the time when I knew nothing about lugers - I just took a quick look and thought: it's a nice item and it looks pretty old.

What can you say.

Thank you

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I'm new to Luger colecting although I have a few. I am only familiar with the Navy board stock....I have never seen one like in your illustration.I will have to look around a bit. I have Zhuk's book on Handguns...it is very complete!!


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As the illustrations are artist's impressions it's difficult to tell whether the artist just drew a Mauser C96 stock on a P04 or that he copied an existing example.

There was mention of a stock, doubling as a holster during some early acceptance trials that were held before 1904. Sadly, none of the descriptions I know is 100% reliable.

The following illustration is from DWM's company archives and it predates 1939.

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Antonio8, there was a "Mauser type" stock used on prototype LP08s early in their development but I have never heard of such a stock for a P04 (Marine Parabellum). The P04 stock, like the full production LP08 stock, was a paddle board type to which was attached a leather holster.

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I would love to know if the artist drew an existing example. In addition to being a C96 configuration, it also has the push-button stock attachment rather than the later lever type. The only example of this type of attachment that I am aware of was the rare 7" model in the 10,000 serial number range (no "B" suffix) attributed to South American distribution, and it was on a flat board type stock.
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