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Anyone have Krieghoff mag #2128??

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Need the original Krieghoff mag #2128 for my S-dated Krieghoff..

Here are a couple of pictures of it:

Download Attachment: s-1.jpg

Download Attachment: s-2.jpg

Download Attachment: s-3.jpg

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Hi Peter,

That's a beautiful Krieghoff Late S you have there (and one of the lower serial numbers in that variation) - just terrific! I'll add the MAG number you are looking for into my database - no promises, but it's worth a try.

Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!

Hi Peter..!

You bet I will..! I missed that post in the other thread - but will add it in.

As well - when I saw the top 2 pictures, my first impression was that the straw was a tad too strong, but in the last photo showing the detail of the takedown - it looks like the original buffing marks and tell-tale buffing edge" are exactly correct. My guess is that it may be the lighting in the photo which exhibits that deeper straw hue? Again - simply a beautiful 1937 Krieghoff!!!! Thanks for posting that as well!!!

My Best Always,

Hi Peter and Pete,

Actually - I own two serialized HKs which may provide the "book-ends" for these serialized HK's. No's 2053 and 2284. These are an Early "S" and a Mid-range "S". In my database - I also have had the pleasure of verifying three HK's within 35 Digets of both Peter's and Pete's HKs. While both Pete's/Peter's are late "S" code - overlapping serial ranges are NOT uncommon in Krieghoff production. And other HK within this range also include a Late "S", "36" and another Mid "S".

I just want to note this for other HK Collectors who may be following this thread. While Mr. Gibson's excellent research is the foundation of Krieghoff collecting today - please be aware that basing a Krieghoff variation upon serial number is incorrect, given how HKs were manufactured, pulled and sent to fulfill the original contract. Rather, it is more correct to establish the variation on the markings, proofs and toggle type present upon the HK - rather then simply referencing the serial number range to Mr. Gibson's work in trying to establish which "group" your HK may be included.

Again - both Peter and Pete - wonderful HKs.... Thanks for your posts, information and pictures..!

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Hey Pete,

It's a very common assumption, especially in reference to how Mausers were manufactured at that time - which followed a more serialized production and issue rate. Krieghoff's were substantially and verifiably different, as you know. As well - perhaps someday I'll publish an update on the serialized pieces/ranges from the various HK production years. Until then - my thanks for your update and posts!

John D.
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