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Anyone have Krieghoff mag #2128??

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Need the original Krieghoff mag #2128 for my S-dated Krieghoff..

Here are a couple of pictures of it:

Download Attachment: s-1.jpg

Download Attachment: s-2.jpg

Download Attachment: s-3.jpg

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Hi Peter,

Congratulations !

Your pistol is very close to my S-Code HK serial # 2122...mine came with an HK magazine numbered # 2700...but I recently found one numbered # 2100...close but no cigar...as we Americans say...

Download Attachment: HKRig1.jpg
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Thanks, John D...for the update.

I was fooled into thinking our two HK's were made on the same day or the next...because of the close numbers...forgotten that the folks at HK had their own "order" (or lack, thereof...) for pulling frames from the racks...when producing pistols.

Matter of fact...the folks at Simpsons LTD have an S-code for sale which is in the # 82xx serial range...

Here is the link to that luger :

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