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I thought from his (?) description that the papers were on ONE of the auctions, but it isn't offered on any of them? If he wants to keep them, just say so?


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Am I reading this correct?
He is advertising the leather mag clip case on one auction and states, (A picture of the GI's Certificate authorizing him to possess these items is offered to authenticate these items, but is not included in the auction.),,, So the leather mag clip is mentioned on this capture paper?

Then he is selling the capture papers separately and states, (authorizing him to retain (or mail) the following captured enemy equipment items as his personal property:
1. Pistol, Luger, Cal. 38, Ser No 4267

2. Bayonet, German

3. Knife, American, SGW, 7-1/2 in blade)

It would be nice to have the capture papers with the luger or even nice to have the papers with the leather mag case. But only if it mentions the mag case on the paper.

I'm not looking to knock the auction but only read into it correctly.

Jr. :)
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