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Arabic Markings

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Posted - 09/19/2004 : 2:44:57 PM

Hi all:
This is my first post, so if it is not up to snuff please cut me some slack.
I have what I believe to be a Persian Artillery type Luger.
Crest on top - Lion holding sword with the Sun in back. Crown above.
As stated the markings are Arabic so it is difficult to describe. I have taken some digital pictures of the luger but I can not get the file to upload. Would appreciate some help on this.
Thanx Gus
ps. I originally sent this post by mistake to the trader board ... ooops .....
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Welcome to the forum, once you have uploaded your pictures to your computor click on the insert an image icon ( looks like a paper clip ) then follow the prompts making sure your pictures are in a jpeg format and under 300K in size otherwise they will not load. Follow the prompts to load Gus's image. You have to go through the process for each picture but you do not need to start a new post each time.

As to your luger the Farsi inscriptions are saying that the luger is a Lange P08 ( Artillery luger ) and the year in Farsi also the sight increments will be in Farsi also.

Do you have the holster and stock also, if so that will be called an artillery rig if complete.

Looking forward to your pictures.

Their is no could be, your luger is an Persian artillery, and looks like a nice one indeed. The markings on the top of the toggle indicate that it was manufactured by Mauser for Persia which is now Iran. The year is also inscribed but it is the Persian year not our gregorian calendar of the day.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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