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Armand Gavage E/N..NO LEVER..a late variation ???

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Is this a variation, or has this pistol been broken/altered?

From a previous posting by Fritz, his pistol Ser.#1585 and pistol Ser.#1641, which are earlier pistols, have a lever on the left side above the trigger.

I am attaching a photo of a later pistol with the Ser. # 1809. This pistol does not have a lever above the trigger. The components do NOT appear to be broken.

As we know, over the course of the war, the Germans eliminated various components of pistols produced by the occupied countries, specially levers, ie. the eventual elimination of the levers on the Polish Radom, among other examples.

Axis Pistols, p.92: Ser.# range 122 - 4612. Estimated 1,500 have E/N.

My questions are:
1. Did the Germans eliminate the function lever above the trigger, or has this pistol (#1809) been broken or modified?
2. Has anyone seen an Armand Gavage E/N that does not have this lever?


What is the function of the lever on the left side, above the trigger?
What is the function of the lever on the same side, behind the grip?

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# 1809 isn't really a late version in the documented serial range.

The question is, how to take down this pistol without a take down

lever ?

Obviously it's a broken part. All A.G.'s ( 7 ) examined by myself

were with the lever.

Sorry, it was only a dream,

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Thanks Fritz,
That's good info.
Joe W. said the same thing.
Will pass on this one.
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