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I picked up a artillary holster today. It appears to be marked,

the date is either 1911 or 1917. I do not have any books that list a maker with a name similiar to this, Is anyone else fimiliar with this maker? I assume the N.39 is an Address?

the holster was obviously dyed black after originally being made in brown. The holster body is solid but unfortunately the cleaning rod flap is missing and the flap is starting to separate from the body.

thanks, runner

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Runner, Ed is right...1914 is the earliest I have ever seen.

If you ever want to get the holster restored let me know. Jerry Burney

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39 is a district number (North, 39).

The location of the DWM head office in Berlin, for example was at the Dorotheenstrasse in 'Berlin, N.W. 7'. (North-West).

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