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Artillary stock added pics

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I have what I believe may be the stock for a 1917 artillary Lugar. I would like to determine it's value.

My father owned a Lugar that I remember mainly from my childhood. I have not seen the weapon for probably about 30 years, when i helped find a replacement firing pin for it. It disappeared about 15 or 20 years ago. It is believed that it may have been taken by a houseguest that took advantage of my dad's charitable disposition.

Since the stock was stored seperately, it stayed behind. Both of my parents have now passed away, and the stock has been left to me to keep or to find an appropriate home.

As well as I can remember, the gun and holster looked very much like the one pictured here in Gunboards as belonging to Jan Stills, which is part of my belief that it is a 1917 piece. Also it had the numbers 1917 written on the holster.

And I have the firing pin for it too. I don't know if it is the original or the replacement.

It was a very nice piece when I saw it last. All matching numbers except the magazine and fhe firing pin (unless the original firing pin was found).

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Big Jim, assuming that your stock is original and in good condition with none of the attaching leather, it could be worth from $200 to $500. If the toe boot and upper and lower keeper straps are present and in good shape, it could go up another couple hundred. What is the serial number on the stock's attaching iron? Can you show photos of it?
I'll try to post some pictures. The wooden stock is in good condition. The leather portions are present and in fair condition. Actually the leather looks pretty good and would benefit from cleaning and oiling, but I'm reluctant to do anything to it for fear of damaging it and decreasing the value. I don't find any numbering on the attaching iron, but my wife tells me she can se a faint "B3" on an area that looks to her like it may have been filed. As hard as I try, all I can see there is what looks to me like machine tool marks that were not fully removed before the metal was finished. From what you say, this stock could be worth somewhere between $300.00 and $700.00. If I still had the entire weapon with all of it's normal accessories, what might it be worth?
With matching numbered stock perhaps $2500-$5000. It depends on the rarity of the pistol i.e. 1914 DWM versus 1917 DWM.
Big Jim, I am presently looking to purchase an original Artillery stock. Would you Email me some photo's if yours is for sale?

[email protected]

Thanks, Jerry Burney
Pictures added to original post.
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