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Hi fellow Luger fans,

Saw an artillery Luger at a gun show today and thought about buying it. But I had a couple of concerns.

This is a 1917 dated DWM model, all part numbers visible matched except the rear toggle link. It was missing the sight that belongs on the barrel. I think this sight had been lost and a previous owner decided then to replace the rear toggle with a regular toggle with the V-notch for a sight.

The dealer said this wasn't a real artillery piece and that it had been created from parts. But since all obvious parts match except the rear toggle, I think this is an actual artillery piece with a missing sight and the wrong rear toggle.

Otherwise it was in good shape, bluing looked original and at 50-70%, grips looked good. Didn't see the magazine.

So my questions are:

Would it be reasonable for me to expect to find a correct barrel site somewhere I could re-attach? Is it reasonable to run across the correct rear toggle piece? Obviously it would not have the right numbers, but at least it would be the right part.

And what would be a rough value of the piece in it's current configuration? Would the value go up if I find the sight and proper toggle part?

Thanks much,

-- Dan

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Just my opinion, (for whatever that might be worth), but I think I would pass on this LP.08. From your description: missing rear sight, incorrect rear toggle, 50% to 70% finish remaining, it would be at best, a shooter, if the bore condition was good, and the pistol functioned correctly.

I think your chances of finding correct replacement parts would be fairly slim.

Rough value? Without seeing the piece it's hard to say. Other members of this forum have said that "shooters" are priced somewhere between $400.00 and $600.00. I don't know if that would apply to LP.08's as well as standard P.08's or not.

I think I would hold out for a piece with all the correct parts, matching numbers, and in reasonable condition.

Just my two cents worth.

Best regards,


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Thanks for your input. Without the sight and rear toggle, and spares being hard to find, I agree this becomes at best a shooter with an unusually long barrel.

I hadn't gone to the gunshow with the intent of finding another Luger to buy, but it was singing to me. Anyway I passed on it.

By the way, the asking price was $779.

thanks again,

-- Dan
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