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Artillery Lugers in WWII?

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Hello all,

Some of you may have seen my question about the IMA Artillery rig in the holster section...I described a little about the Erfurt Artillery I recently picked up. I will post another post after this weekend with pics...

However a question I have now is was there any kind of widespread use of Artillery Lugers in WWII? Just curious, as I explained the bulk of my collecting direction lies in WWII German combat gear and weapons. I've had some earlier stuff come in and out of my hands over the years including a really nice all matching 1904 Danzig G. 98 w/ bayonet, and several Commission 88's and a 71/84. I always ended up getting rid of them as my collection grew out of hand, and I tried to regain some control.

In any case, I won't be getting rid of my Artillery, since I have always thought they were one of the best looking guns ever made, but I was curious as to if they were used in WWII. I am assuming the Germans were allowed to keep some stocks of Artilleries after the war, or were they only allowed to keep the regular 4" Lugers? I don't think I have ever seen any photographic evidence of Artilleries in WWII, so I figured I'd ask here....
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I remember reading that the Luft. ordered and recieved approx 100 Model 1914, long barrelled Lugers in the mid 1930's....

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I'm a cyclist and when the weathers this pretty... Anyway, the book reference to model 1914's being ordered by the German luft is found in "The Luger Pistol", Datig, Page 162. They have copies of German Luft orders for the Long Barrells and the replies. It appears that they ordered 2,000 LBP08's and were shipped 1800 C96 Schnell guns and 200 LBP08.s

jeff mullins
Welcome to the forum!! Could you please post the picture of the SS man with the long barrel??


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