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Artillery/Shoulder Stocked Luger

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Inclosed are some pictures at the range with my 1917 DWM artillery Luger, with shoulder stock and holster. I was a bit surprise how steady you could shoot a artillery with a shoulder stock. I was able to shoot 1 1/2 to 2 min groups at 50 meters. And could hit a half gallon paint can at 100 meters. Another interesting note the DWM could cycle FMJ bullets less than 124 gr. My other Lugers will jam , if you fire any 9mm FMJ bullet less than 124 gr.

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Lugers are known to be particular about the ammunition shot in them.

The modern 9mm cartridge specification is slightly different from the origninal 9mm Parabellum round. The original design was for a truncated-cone bullet, and the overall length was slightly longer than the ammunition commercially available today.

It is, therefore, necessary to test different brands of ammunition to find out which brands work. I have done a number of these tests, and have found that Winchester Bulk-pack 9mm from Wal-Mart; Sellier & Bellot; CSI Blazer; and Federal American Eagle work completely reliably in the Lugers I shoot, up to 300 rounds a month. These are all 115-grain fmj bullets.

In comparison, Remington UMC, Speer Lawman, and all commercial reloads I have tried universally fail to work in my Lugers, consistently. In addition, any loads with hollow-point bullets do not work for me (other prople will report success with some hollow-points).

You may know this, but the consistency of your Lugers' failure to operate may have to do with your shooting technique. A Luger must be shot with a firm wrist; "breaking" the wrist (sometimes called 'limp wristing') absorbs into the wrist some of the recoil impulse energy necessary for the Luger to operate properly.

If you experiment along these lines let us know your results.

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