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In 1927, Astra developed a pistol similar in general appearance and function to the Mauser 1896; however, it was a simplified and improver version made of high quality materials and of excellent fit and finish. It was termed the Model 900, and from 1928 to 1944, about 20,900 were manufactured. In March 1943, 1,500 Astra 900's were purchased by the German Army Headquarters at Hendeye, France. These were not German Army acceptance stamped, bear full Spanish commercial proofs and are identified by serial number. The factory serial numbers are: 2955 to29600, 29649 to29650, 29655 to29660, 29667 to 29675 and 32788 to33774. The total quantity delivered to the Germans was 1,050. (Axis Pistols page 120; Astra Pistols page 241)

Download Attachment: Astra9001.jpg
Figure 1. Astra 900, serial number 33262, left side. The fit and finish is of the highest quality.

Download Attachment: Astra9002.jpg
Figure 2. Astra 900, serial number 33262, right side.

Download Attachment: Astra9003.jpg
Figure 3. Astra 900, serial number 33262, top showing details of the tangent sight graduated in 50 meter increments to 1000 meters.

Download Attachment: Astra9004.jpg
Figure 4. Astra 900, serial number 33262, detail of left side showing the factory inscription on the frame..

Download Attachment: astra9005.jpg
Figure 5. Astra 900, serial number 33262, detail of left side showing the serial number above the right grip and again on the web underneath the wood grips.

Download Attachment: Astra9006.jpg
Figure 6. Astra 900, serial number 33262, detail of right side showing the Spanish proofs above the trigger and on the right side of the chamber and barrel.

Download Attachment: Astra9007.jpg
Figure 7. Astra 900, serial number 33262, inside of grips showing the last three digits of the serial number.

Download Attachment: Astra9008.jpg
Figure 8. Astra 900, serial number 33262, leaning against its holster stock. Note: while a German Army Astra stock (serial number33326) its serial number does not match this gun.

Download Attachment: Astra9009.jpg
Figure 9. Astra 900, holster stock with its lid open. The serial number 33326 is stamped inside the lid.

Download Attachment: Astra90010.jpg
Figure 10 Astra 900, holster stock attaching iron. The serial number is stamped on the iron (almost not visible)

Download Attachment: Astra90011.jpg
Figure 11. Astra 900, holster stock showing details of lid hinge.
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