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Dwight, Great review...I was a Member for years but found the magazine could not keep up with my twice yearly migrations so I almost never got it. Their inability to access online really hurts their cause I think. There has been a great surge in interest for what these people are interested in and writing about but it's as if they are producing this in a cave. As I remember in some of the few copies I got there was some discussion of what to do about their archaic way of dessiminating information and the internet was up for discussion. These few collectors have much to say but for the most part they are whispering it among themselves. This is in no way to be considered criticism. People can hollar into a barell if they want. I think it is interesting though to speculate that these are old people who cannot or will not inter into the computer age. I am not sure this is the case. I speculate that it is a comfortable club that does not really encourage outsiders to intrude apon their discussions. Very different than the open format of either of the online Forums. Automag requires you to be sponsored by an existing member if I remember correctly. As you say, the past volumes have a wealth of information in them that is difficult if not impossible to aquire even if you are lucky enough to have every copy published since it's inception. While the notion of waiting a month or two for an answer to a question is desirable to some it is not to many. That's why the online Forums thrive. Novices who want to get involved do so, virtually immediately and without unnecessary cost. One other comparison comes to mind and that is photographs. While Automag publishes some they use an offset printing process that does not produce good images and they are in B&W so generally most detail is lost. Compare that with what is available on Jan's site. Closeup color photo's have changed the way we all see our hobby. The difference is, as they say, great. Automag is like the horse and buggy, it will never entirely go away but fewer people will use it or benifit when they realize they can go much faster as the roads get better. I would still be a member nontheless if I could manage to get my copies sent to me. Jerry Burney


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