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Looking for information on a small revolver with German commercial proofs crown U with the crown in a pentagon shape and a half crown above that. The grips are black with a branch with four leaves and a grape cluster embossed on the sides with the letters B & A on the top of grips. Grips are of a curved design, 6 shot 32 cal, barrel about 1 & 1/2 in. long. No serial number present.

This particular firearm was found in a Japanese internment camp in British Columbia Canada during the second world war.

Firearm appears to be very old and has a fold up trigger and the firearm is about the size of a small deringer.

Unable to post pictures at this time.

Thankyou for all assistance.

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Thankyou for your response, the revolver that you call a "velodog" is that a slang term for the revolver I have or is this a grouping of this specific revolver.

I am unable to find out any reference material on the revolver, the B&A inscription on the grips is obviously from the manufacturing company and are original to the revolver.

The Canadian firearm gun registry is also unable to find the revolver in any of their firearm reference tables. Is it possible that you know of a source of reference in Germany.

This revolver is not the work of a backyard workshop as the workings are to intricate and precise to be other than made by a fine craftsman.

Will continue to search for reference. Somewhere their has to be something on it as the proofs are similar to that found on early commercial German firearms.

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Hi James,

Dieter refers to a special kind of small revolvers, produced between 1890 and 1915, which were known as 'Velodogs'. They were bought by people who had to chase of dogs when taking a ride on then becoming popular bicycle. Dogs were really a problem then, as they attacked every bicycle or car.

I wonder if this 'B.A.' brand was made in Germany. Most of the Velodogs came from Belgium and France, only Friedich Pickert in Zella St. Blasii is known to have had two models. Most of these little revolvers had a fold - away trigger,
and were made with 6 shot cylinders, for small calibres. The first models used black powder cardridges.

I did not find the BA reference in the "Illustrated Encelopedia of Handguns" by A.B. Zhuk. This book virtually lists every handgun made. But it is very well possible that the handgrips were specially made for a big dealer of bicycles in Germany, using the initials for that frim. That was common practice during that period of time, and that was were the guns were sold.

If you have a picture, I can find the model back in the book.

Hope this takes you a step further into your investigations.

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Look at the butt of the grip plate for a Ser. #.
A Nazi nitro proof would make it a rare and valuable pooch.
I think they are cool pistols.
For those who doubt its military or police use,
I include a photo sent to me by a respected collector,
of a velo dog doing its duty in 1930's Latvia.
Please post photos of yours.
Here's my Velo Dog, E/N:

Download Attachment: VeloDog-EN-1.jpg
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Download Attachment: VeloDog-EN-2.jpg
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Download Attachment: VeloDog-EN-4.jpg
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Download Attachment: FV-Velo-Dog-In-Latvia-5x100px.jpg
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Pancho /Joop/Dieter

Am having trouble posting pictures as we have just switched internet providers and the system will not accept my photos as of yet.

This pistol has no proofs outside of the crowm, crown/U this is found in two places.cylinder and right side of frame.

Their is no serial number on the base of butt, their is a removable ejector which swings to the side to push out the spent cartridge (7mm or 32 short) and a cylinder gate, also the folding trigger all similar to your photos but not exact.

Their is a serial number on inside of frame under the grip but I was informed by prior owner that the Canadian police RCMP stamped this on when the firearm was found and had to be registered in Canada.

When we get the bugs out I will post pictures of several firearms aquired this summer, 1910 DWM luger,mint 1937 luger & holster, PPK with leather muzzle cover, 1915 DWM luger with serialed holster, 1918 Erfurt with original matching mag & holster.

In your photo it shows a safety and on mine it is missing.

Sorry for the photo delays.

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Yes I am aware of that fact but my son switched internet providers for the wife and myself while we were away picking up some of these treasures and now something seems to be amiss that I cannot figure out, and this being a sunday the office is closed so will straighten out things this week.

Thankyou for your concern.
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