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quote:Originally posted by Pancho

would like to get a closer look at your pistol,
but when I click on the photo to enlarge it,
I get the message, "No web site configured at this address".

I tried also - without success. I uploaded the pictures to the board when I did the posting. This was a few months ago. Considering Jan's message (about his making an index) about how it would be nice if the headings of the various posts were clearer as to content, I have started to review my prior posts and changing the titles so it would be easier for Jan to do the index.

The pistures should be there and since they are not, I can only guess that there is some glitch with the site that removed the ability to make them bigger after a period of time.

I have the images on my computer and can repost them.

(I wonder if this has occured to other images that have been stored on the site's server? I will check those of mine to see if it is so.)

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Charlie, I "fixed" all but the first one, the old naming convention was and it should now be (take out the and replace it with www.gunboards.com

For whatever reason, it doesn't seem to work for the first picture, if you could redo that one?

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