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The 7mm Type Nambu was produced by the Tokyo Artillery Arsenal from1902 to 1923 and Tokyo Gas and Electric Co. (TGE) from 1923 to 1929 (U.S. collectors refer to these as the Baby Nambu). The serial range is 1 to 5900 for the Tokyo Artillery Arsenal and 5901 to 64500 for TGE. About 6,450 were manufactured. It was popular among Japanese officers. These are of the highest quality fit and finish and are considered a collectors prize.

Figure1. Baby Nambu, serial number 4815. Right slant view showing the serial number and Tokyo Artillery Arsenal symbol over the chamber. This Baby Nambu was manufactured in about 1919/1920. Although not officially adopted, they were approved for military service and were very popular among officers.

Japanese 029.jpg

Figure 2. Baby Nambu, serial number 4815. Left side.

Japanese 020.jpg

Figure 3. Baby Nambu, serial number 4815. Front.

Japanese 078a.jpg

Figure 4. Baby Nambu, serial number 4815. Matching magazine.

Japanese 081.jpg
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