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How important is the halo around the barrel serial number in determining the originality of a luger? Are halos observed on all lugers or just certain models or years? Also is the vertical pin that holds the toggle pin supposed to be in the white on all models? I visited a local gun show (MN) and I could only find a couple of lugers that displayed these characteristics. I am new to this luger hobby and need all the help that you experienced collectors can give. Thanks, John

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Halo's are very important on the Imperial era luger to establish original finish (bluing) on the barrel.

Many lugers from the imperial era were reworked during the weimar period and early Nazi era (third reich period) so if you are searching for a complete original imperial Po8 it is important to observe the barrel halo's.

Barrel's were also changed out by the armourers during the imperial era and you will not find the halo on these barrel's even though the armourer's restamped the barrel with serial number.

Yes the pin should be in the white.

You will find many variations in the weimar period that will still make the luger correct for the time frame.

Late Mauser production and H/K are a different bird so perhaps some reference books are in order to assist your decision making.

Mr Still's are some of the best out there.
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