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C. Brown
Thanks for the information on M12 Steyr Hahn Bavarian 1916 sn 8148 with 1920 Reichswehr property stamp. I have added it to my data base and now have 13 in the sn range 422-9517 that are dated 1916 and marked Wn16; and 11 in the serial range 10627-15975 that are dated 1918 and marked Wn18.

Good evening Gentlemen,

I have two Steyr M12's that I know almost nothing about, save for what's stamped on them and what I suspect.
The older of the two was made in 1914, is not an import. On the left side of the slide is a crown with Md.1912 under it. Near the rear of the slide and on the safety lever is a small S inside a circle, and just above the safety catch cutout is a large S. The receiver has also the same small s inside a circle just forward of the safety lever, and again on the magazine unloading/slide release. The slide as well as the flat area just above the trigger guard has the serial number (112e) followed by a six pointed star. On the right side of the pistole above the grip is the number 38. Above the trigger-guard is W-n (what looks to be a stylized eagle) and the number 14. On the left rear of the lanyard loop there is a small rather roundish stamping that I do not recognize. The barrel has D1 on the forward locking lug and the serial number on the rear lower lug with a p inside a circle next to it. The hammer and magazine follower as well as the takedown block have a K on them and the extractor has a p inside a circle. Overall condition, 97% bluing with a few tiny rust spots and two very small patches on the slide that are lightly pitted the grips are NRA excellent with the right one cracked on the underside of bolt head.

The Younger of the two is dated 1918 with a serial number of 13603. This pistole has no import marks. The right side of the gun has only a W-r (again, perhaps, a stylized eagle) and the number 18. The barrel has the serial number on the rear lower lug and the letter K. The left side of the pistole has the serial number on the slide and the flat above the trigger guard. Steyr 1918 on the slide followed by a small capital K and a large S. The receiver, hammer, safety lever, slide release/magazine unloading lever, extractor and the magazine follower all have K stamped on them. Over all condition is 93% bluing (which I believe not to be the original finish as it's more a black than blue) with only one very small spot of pitting on the slide near the takedown lug.

I acquired these from a friend as a "gift" of sorts when he found himself in a financial bind and needed some very quick cash. The gift part being the very small price I paid him.

Mr. Brown,

The 1918 must be a Bavarian contract as there is not a letter as part of the serial number.


Yup that's what she looks like! All except for the slotting and the tapped hole for the shoulder stock. However, the Romanian Phoenix on my pistole appears to be upside-down!

Gentlemen, many thanks for your thoughts,
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