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As some of you surely know, the Bayard M-1908 is my favorite pistol. I have been researching Bayards for years and am always happy to hear about these guns.

I'd like to document the high and low serial numbers of every Bayard M-1908 variation, especially the Imperial proofed pistols which were made during the German occupation of Liege during WWI.

Here are a few examples that I hope will provide some enjoyment and inspire you to share details about your own Bayard M-1908's.

The pistol below is #3356. This early pistol is a .32. Note the single screw grips, rectangular slide serrations, and stamped safety.

Download Attachment: 003356L.jpg
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The next pistol is #136839. This gun is an Imperial proofed .32. Note the milled safety, 2 screw grips, and different slide serrations.

Download Attachment: 136839L.jpg
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#32677, shown below, is a .25. The .25's typically have relieved slides and barrels. The cut back triggerguard almost gives this pistol an Austrian appearance.

Download Attachment: 032677R.jpg
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Finally, I've posted below a photo of #76269, which is a .380. If you wanted a .380 before WWI, your choices were limited to the Colt, Savage, FN, and Bayard M-1908. The smallness of this 90 year old .380 is barely approached by gun manufacturers even today.

Download Attachment: 076269R.jpg
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