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I ran across this one at a gun show about a year ago. It's not in perfect condition, and I probably paid too much, but I doubt there are many 1933 Behordens left. It's SN 207233, and is starburst-K accepted, with S. Mg. 54. stamped on the front grip strap. The holster is a Larsen 1933, also starburst-K marked. S. Mg. 54. is Xed out on the back of the holster, and 207233 stamped below it. A change when the police were nationalised?

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That is a nice rig with the 33 holster and the two (2) numbered police magazines. I have one in a newer holster with only one numbered magazine that is serial number 210330 and with the Police sunburst K mark. Mine resides in a newer Otto Sindel 40s dated holster. Your rig is a real prize as everything looks like it has been together from police marking day ONE! Mine is also missing the recoil spring guide/sleeve. Anyone know where I can get one of those parts? Very nice rig and thanks for posting the pictures.

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Lloyd, Thanks for the kind words. I'm kinda proud of this one. It came from the widow of a Halifax,PA vet via a dealer friend of mine. It's all original, and Harlon only sold it to me because he knew I would keep it and treasure it, not re-sell it for a profit. As to the Berhorden recoil spring guide (sigh) I only wish I knew where there were any, I need one too! If you ever find any, please let me know. Look for my posting of some other unusual Sauers shortly, now that I've got the hang of posting pictures. All the best. Doug

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congratulation to this very rare rig. You don't have to be disappointed in the condition of your S&S Behördenmodell, because police pistols are showing strong use traces mostly and were refinished often.
All police weapons in very good condition are rare finds.
Here a couple of pics of my S&S Behördenmodell( reblued ).
Please note the seldom seen mag bottom stamping "BM"=Behördenmodell.

By the way, your pistol is from the municipal police force of the Magdeburg district( Schutzpolizei Magdeburg ), my birth place.


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