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just stumbled across some patents which are dealing with the Benke-Thiemann stock. I have found a photo of this unusual Luger stock here:


Joseph von Benke, Budapest, Hungary filed a first patent application in Hungary on September 01, 1920 and had also a German patent # 379934 (filed on August 29, 1921),British patent # 168890, Swiss patent # 97892 and French patent # 540856 for the same invention. The drawing of the German patent shows his invention in combination with a Frommer Stop. An abstract from British patent decribes the design as follows:

A pistol butt is provided with an extensible frame, to form a shoulder-piece, comprising two forward plates b hinged at c to side plates a on the 'butt and two rear plates d hinged at i to the forward plates and hinged together at the rear, the binges f being joined by a shoulder plate e. In the closed position, the plates nt along the two sides of the butt, holes p permit- ting access to the trigger as shown in Fig. 3. The plates swing outwards in moving from ons position to the other and are locked in either position by a spring catch g hinged to one of the rear plates d and engaging the other.

Download Attachment: DE379934_Benke_Schaft_Frommer.jpg

An improvement of Benke's stock patent was developed by Georg W. A. Thiemann, Berlin and Hermann Mütze, Bremen. They applied German patent No 452602 on April 12, 1926. Surprisingly, this patent is a "Zusatzpatent" (additional patent; we would call it today a "plug-in") to Benke's German patent, what means, that there must have been a correlation between Benke and Thiemann/Mütze. Subject of this patent is an improvement of the frame joint (hinge-joint), as the Benke design is described as being to weak.

Download Attachment: DE452602_Thiemann-Muetze_Schaft.jpg

Surprisingly, there is a third patent: Swiss patent No. 120280 applied March 26, 1926 by Georg W. A. Thiemann, Berlin. Shown is his invention together with "an automatic Colt pistol" (cited from the patent).

Download Attachment: CH120280_Thiemann.jpg


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