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Beretta 1935 Winchester Silvertip?

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I was thinking of loading my Beretta M1935 with Winchester Silvertip hollowpoints for carry, Will these be appropriate for the pistol or are they too "Hot" for a sixty year old gun? Any advise will be appreciated and followed.
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these are excellent pistols and made of excellent materials. I do not hesitate to shoot Silvertips in my 1934 and 1935's!


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Thanks Orv,
Good to hear that one , I feel so much more secure loaded with Silvertips than Brazilian hardball!
Just make sure you do your testing and practice with the same ammo you use for 'carry purposes'. Some WW-2 guns do not like hollowpoints!

It would be a shame to get a 'jam' when you REALLY needed it?

Hmmm. Never thought about it, but it certainly makes sense.
So, if your carry is loaded with expensive stuff, then, at the range you need to shoot the expensive stuff. I haven't been doing that, but will do so from now on. Once you think about it, it seems so obvious. Thanks
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