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"Black Widow" bubble...?

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For the longer-term collectors (I'm < 1 year), have you seen this type of "MUST BUY NOW!" mania for Lugers, say for so-called Black Widow (BW) Lugers; that is, a byf 41 or 42 with black bakelite grips (either original or added later)? If so, when (approximately), and did it burst sharply, or at least cool off with prices dropping at some point?

Alternatively, in the past few decades has there been a (semi) frenzy for a particular type of Luger that went from in-demand to full-on nuts, or is the current BW mania atypical? If yes, what happened in the long-run in terms of collectability and pricing for the MUST-HAVE Lugers?

Just trying to get some perspective... Thanks and cheers. Batty67/Mark G
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Legacy listed a BW yesterday on their website - I looked a little while ago and the gun was already sold. Amazing.
Yes...for $4,600...ouch...nice, but not a pristine example either...

That gun was gorgeous, if I hadn’t already bought two guns this week I definitely would’ve bought it. The acceptance stamps were 135,135
Didn't notice the right side proofs...then I see it is in the "a" suffix block...so a VERY late '41 byf...I just looked at the condition...yes, 135/135 proofs...somewhat rare to be sure...

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Could you elaborate on this. Because I have a hard time believing it.

In fact, the only documented SS-sale of P08's I have seen to date is from 1939.

Another interesting fact is that the SS favored wood for use at the Eastern Front, to prevent frostbite mishaps. Not sure how well plastic would hold up in sub-zero temperatures?

And let's not forget the last batch of plastic gripped P08's that was dumped on Portugal because the HWaA did no longer want them.
And Bulgaria, for the most part, turned theirs over to the Russki's, being the 2nd. to last contract, prior to Portugal, I believe...Bulgaria changed sides, didn't they...? (Going on memory here)...

Didn't Hallock & van de Kant say roughly the "q" letter suffix block, in 1941, is where these phenolic grips/magazine bases started appearing...???

This is from memory, did not pull out my copy of the "Mauser Parabellum" book, from the above two authors...I remember reading a post from a Forum member talking to Joop, saying he was sure the phenolic supplements coming out started to appear, to him, to be in the "r" suffix letter block...but Joop interceded and mentioned that it was even one letter suffix block before that...thus being the "q" block...then the Forum member said, "he stands corrected"...I know who that Forum member is, but let's see if he will interject on this posting...

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