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"Black Widow" bubble...?

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For the longer-term collectors (I'm < 1 year), have you seen this type of "MUST BUY NOW!" mania for Lugers, say for so-called Black Widow (BW) Lugers; that is, a byf 41 or 42 with black bakelite grips (either original or added later)? If so, when (approximately), and did it burst sharply, or at least cool off with prices dropping at some point?

Alternatively, in the past few decades has there been a (semi) frenzy for a particular type of Luger that went from in-demand to full-on nuts, or is the current BW mania atypical? If yes, what happened in the long-run in terms of collectability and pricing for the MUST-HAVE Lugers?

Just trying to get some perspective... Thanks and cheers. Batty67/Mark G
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I recall a year or 2 ago the first variation, strawed parts 1937 Mauser Lugers were hot commodities. Their prices didn’t jump NEARLY as drastically though, but the prices have stayed pretty much the same ever since they became commodities. Again, nothing like the BW craze at the moment.
Looking at a lot of the data and historical trends, the economy in general seems to be headed towards something between the Great Recession and Great Depression. The basis of the modern world economy is still somehow surviving on the Bretton Woods agreements, despite the world’s hegemonic currency being a fiat currency for 50 years…it’s a rough outlook.
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Won’t the oil break the Saran plastic down over time and cause issues there?
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