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While many major collections have a serious quantity of Nazi pistols in their collection , very few have this variation and even the holster is consider rare by all measure of standard. Most have not even seen this example and trust that all will enjoy this as much as I have in owning it all these past years.

Radom holster front.JPG

Radom holster rear.JPG
The single digit of the number 5 represents the year 1945 with the code of "gaq". It is not waffenamted.

Radom holster exposed.JPG

Radom pistol left side.JPG
In case that one can not determine what the waffenamt proof consists of, it is WaA623 or to be exact, eagle 623.

Radom pistol close up left side.JPG

left slide close up.JPG

trigger guard proof.JPG

Again, it is eagle 623 proof which are very small and if one was not looking for them at this location would, in all likelyhood miss them.

magazine proofs.JPG
Another rare item and that is the stamped sheetmetal followers found on some late Radoms.

magazine followers.JPG

serial number.JPG


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For your information folks, I have witinessed my first faked marking on this type
of holster and thought that perhaps you would like to hear the details. There are holsters with this same marking but instead of a single 5 it has a single 4. This is correct. However, what some are doing is placing a second digit behind the 4, thus making it 41, 42, 43 or 45. I have never seen an original two digit date of this style/manufacturer of this holster, so let this little bit of information go forward. I previously posted what a 1941 holster looks like so knowledge is all important in today's world.
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