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Bolivian Lugers

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I am trying to define the Bolivian inventory at the time of the Chaco War in 1932. I read that Bolivia acquired DWM Lugers in 9x19mm in 1908. Now, how many did they buy? Was it the standard/main sidearm of the military? Did they get more at a later point, perhaps with their Mauser rifles during the 1930s?


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I am not an expert on Bolivian P08's, but I had a quick look trough the bunch of books I have. Only John Walter and Georges Machtelinckx mention the delivery of Lugers to Bolivia during 1912 - 1913.

It would have been several small shipments of few pistols. Their official status is uncertain, despite of the 'Ejercito de Bolivia' above some chambers. It is most probable that small batches were acquired as officers' weapons, and that the quantities were too small to warrant a 'contract series' of their own. There is no
specific reference in the pre 1914 DWM sales figures...

Only half a dozen have been reported, all in the commerial serial numbers between 59048 and 65473, which used for sales all over the world.

No sign of sales to Bolivia in the thirties.

I hope this is helpfull for you.
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