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My question is about breech block proofs. It is about these proof marks on German Army P-08s of all periods, including DWM, Erfurt, and Mauser manufacture. I have read a few books and examined a few P-08s, but I certainly make no claim as to being any kind of authority on the subject.

The overwhelming majority of pieces I have seen are in agreement with what the books say and have an Army test proof (eagle) of some kind on the left breech block. I have seen a small number of pieces though that seem to be genuine, original, not refinished, restored, etc., that have no visible eagle proof on the left breech block. Below should be images of two breech blocks/toggles, one DWM, and one Mauser with no recognizable Army test proofs.

In a conversation with a more advanced collector about this anomaly he told me he had seen this before and that if the numbers matched and all else looked OK, “don’t worry about it”. Is this anything to worry about?

Has anyone else seen breech blocks missing test proofs and does anyone have any thoughts about it?

Some of the pieces in my collection have very strong full eagles on the breech blocks, some have weak proofs, some partial, (poorly struck?) ones. It looks like these proofs were applied before final finishing and may have been polished down a bit before blueing ? I don’t know.

Could the ones with no visible test proof have been weakly struck ones that final finishing obliterated? Could these breech blocks with no test proofs be field replacement breech blocks? It does not seem likely to me that the manufacturer just forgot to put them on and a few slipped out that way? I don’t know, but I would be grateful if anyone out there has some thoughts on this.

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The 1910 dated orders for marking the Pistole 08 (Imperial Lugers, page 29)indicate that the test proof is to be stamped on the left side of the brech block. The receiver and barrel were also to receive the test proof stamp. This has been consistent with observations of many Mauser and DWM Lugers. However, sometines the proof is faint.
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